“I’m not interested.”

If you’ve been trying to drum up business for your massage therapy practice, you’ve probably heard the dreaded three words: “I’m not interested.”

Those are the words that people we think who might be clients use to abruptly end conversation about offering them your massage therapy service – a technique typically initiated by those who are still influenced by the old “sales pitch” sales gurus.

Why is it that good-hearted people feel the need to shut down a conversation from a massage therapist who is genuinely trying to help them?

Why is it that so many massage therapists have their heart in the right place, but still use an approach that triggers rejection-filled responses?

The answer to that is a deep psychological one.

But I’m going to give you some simple answers that, if taken seriously, could make the difference between living with rejection and ending it permanently so you can build your massage therapy business.

You see, what I have discovered is the more “forward” you are to a potential client who doesn’t know you, the more YOU trigger “I’m not interested”.

The more inauthentic you are with the person you are trying to get to become a client, the more you trigger, “I’m not interested.”

Now here’s the biggie: If all you do when you start a conversation with a new prospect is start with a sales pitch about you or your solution, then you’re just asking for personal rejection.

Rejection is painful and guess what? IT DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU EVER AGAIN.

If, and only if, you’re open-minded, willing to shift to a new prosperity mindset and are humble enough to “let go” of how you’ve been influenced to “sell” in the past, will you experience peacefulness and more clients.

Sound too good to be true?

Only if you let your skepticism block your ability to stay open-minded.

Hundreds of our Massage Therapy Success members are at reaching success in their massage practices because they do the OPPOSITE of what the sales gurus teach.

1. Their Mindset is focused on the goal of getting to the TRUTH rather than the just getting the client. Ironically, that makes more sales.

2. They enter the conversation with a soft and humble tone, in respect to the other person who doesn’t know them yet. No force allowed.

3. They focus on a 2-way dialogue and not a one-way pitch.

4. They create natural dialogue by replacing typical “sales” words like “interested”, “explore”, “next steps”, “follow-up”, so their potential client will gain interest. etc.

5. They don’t have or want a “sales pitch”; they use a “solution-statement” that works for massage therapists.

Combine all of the above when you are talking to prospective clients and “I’m Not Interested” disappears almost immediately.

The Massage Therapy Success program focuses on teaching massage therapists to start doing the opposite of what the “sales gurus” teach. That’s why our therapists get more clients and can sleep better at night.

There’s no reason why you can’t experience the same.

An open mind + willingness to “let go” of the old way of “selling” = Long term success.

Amy Roberts

Massage Therapist & Massage Therapy Business Coach




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