The simplicity of how a massage therapy business should work

Over the past few years of being online, I have had more email questions that you can poke a stick at. Its been a great honour for me to be of assistance to struggling and starting-out, new Massage Therapists. I’ve been there done that. Been in the exact same position that they have. And every person experiences such similar feelings and similar thoughts.

And after all this time, I’m getting pretty good at preempting someones questions depending on where they are in their massage business life. And again, its an honour that people choose me to help them.

But there is one thing I really must reiterate. I say it over and over again and sometimes it just doesn’t stick in peoples minds.

Massage Therapy is a healing art form, yes, but its also a business. If you want to be successful, have your phone ringing everyday with people booking for appointments to see you and have money in the bank from massage therapy then listen up.

And if you want to be successful you have to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like a self employed person. If you think like an employee (someone who just does a task and gets paid for the task) then you will not get out of that comfort zone and get real success. You’ll be too focused on daily crap that just ties up your time and doesn’t build your business. What a waste of time.

90% of Massage Therapists are like this.

I can’t say I understand. Because I don’t. I have never thought like this. Which is why within 18 months of graduating I had to hire two women to help me in my business or die from exhaustion.

I’ve always thought like a business person. I’ve always treated my massage business as a business, not as a job. And I’ve been able to have the consciousness to see the difference. And to throw some cold water in your face, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that if you think like an employee you’ll have tons of success…because you won’t.

A massive part of developing a successful massage business is showering absolute dedicated kindness and compassion on your clients. They always came first. I was in such a state of love and as a result always massaged them with absolute kindness. This energy coupled with a good marketing know-how helped give me over $50K a year. And that was nearly ten years ago.

And don’t tell me that because you are a massage therapist you’re not interested in money or money’s evil. You’d be lying as anyone would. We all need money because we all have bills.

So if you think “I’m a massage therapist, I’m not into marketing and sales, I’m above that” you are deluding yourself. Its a snooty attitude that will keep you economically unevolved and restrict you from enjoying expansion and growth.

It’s not hard. Work well, serve your clients with absolute love and kindness and become top-notch at marketing.

Success and humility should be bred from each other. And there’s too much snoot and not enough humility in this industry. Humility is education. Education is empowerment and empowerment leads to unwaivering happiness.



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