A Secret Way To Building Your Repeat Massage Client Numbers That No One In The Massage Industry Talks About Part One



You are about to read some intelligent information that can save your massage business from closing down in the future.

Please pay careful attention. What you are about to read is so simple it doesn’t seem real. And when you find out you’ll probably kick yourself. This takes a few minutes to read because it’s so good. In fact, I’m going to have to ask for a bit of patience from you especially if you’ve been doing massage for years. I don’t care if you think you know it all, you still need to hear this stuff. You see, the first part of this article is going to reveal some stuff that some therapists already know, but a shocking number do not. Please bear with me. Some of my massage therapist subscribers don’t know this stuff and besides, it never hurts any of us to take a little “refresher course” once in a while.

And anyway, it’s all a “setup” to pave the way for me to explain a financial “yourmassagebusinesslivesordies” concept that will be revealed near the end of this letter.

Now, I’ll get straight to the point. Take note: As you may or may not know, every once in a while I give a group consultation on how to get more clients in your massage business. During these group consultations, one of the questions I like to ask my therapists is: “If you and I both owned a massage therapy business and we were in a competition to see who could get the most clients, what specific things would you have over me?”

(After all I only did a year and a bit of massage training. Others have done 3 years, which means there are more “qualified” therapists out there than me. But I was busier than they were in three months than they were in a year. Why is that?)

The answers vary. Some of the therapists say they have better massage qualifications which means they “know more” than me. Others say they have better, more updated equipment. You know, like the latest massage table from Oakworks and stuff. Others mention location. And there is usually someone who says they can offer cheaper treatments than me.

It goes on like this for about ten minutes. I just let them get excited for a bit. After they finish telling me what advantages they would most like to have over me, I usually say to them something like this: “O.K., you’re way off track to what gets more clients but good on you anyway. You know what I focus on to getting more clients, and why I will always get more clients than the average massage therapist and be insanely busy?.”

“What?” they ask.

“There’s only one thing,” I reply…

“Is… People who are fed up with nagging muscle pain!”

Think about it. When it comes to marketing your massage therapy business and getting clients, the best habit you can get into is market to people who are sick to death of their ongoing muscle pain and who seek (or, at least interested in) massage therapy as a means to get rid of it. (I’m not talking about relaxation massage in this example. I’m talking about massage that alleviated muscle pain…obviously.)

How do you get people coming to you with “on going muscle pain”? Well, for us experienced massage therapists who know how to market themselves, lets take a look at renting a mailing list.

How can a massage therapist get clients this way? Isn’t this only for businessy/salesy type of industries and not for qualified massage practitioners?

No. Now listen up.

Let’s say you and I are new massage therapists and we want to put a bit of money into getting our practice off the ground. We’re deadly serious about making this massage business dream a reality because we didn’t spend five grand on a massage course for nothing.

We want to get a lot of massage clients so we can have a good life and live off the income from it so we can say goodbye to employment and hello to more control over our lives doing something we love. Right?

Okay back to the point….

Now let’s just say we’ve done a gorgeous brochure especially targeted for people with nagging muscle pain. This massage brochure is specifically designed to get more clients. How do we get started? Who do we mail our massage brochure to? And don’t say “everyone”.

Okay let’s look at what happens when we market our massage practice to “everyone.” Let’s say we get the most obvious free list of names we can think of. The good ole phone book.

This is the biggest mistake that therapists make. You might as well go back to working for someone else in an emotionally empty, spirituallydissatisfying job because you’ll make more money that way than advertising to a phone book.

Why? Well, marketing to names in a phone book there are far too many people not interested in massage, have issues with being touched and a lot list of other reasons, in this “nontargeted/nonspecific” group of people.

In fact, the only thing these people have in common is that they are in the phone book. Some of these people won’t pay actual money to invest in their health, have massage or even want massage. Some of them never do anything for their bodies, especially not take up a hour of massage by a licensed massage therapist. Some of them are of the “older” generation …you know them… never think of taking their clothes off for anyone except a medical doctor. Some of them are still stuck in the 1960’s they think having a massage is the same as getting laid, completely unaware of what massage does or how good it is for you. Some are too paranoid about anyone “seeing” their bodies. And so on.

Hey, I’ve been doing massage since 1994 and I’ve heard it all. Nothing shocks me anymore. I even had a guy that said “you look too pure to be in that kind of industry.” Yes I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing….

Okay so back to marketing your massage to your phone book….In short, there is way too much we don’t know about peoples names in the phone book. Using marketing like this is completely pointless and an utter waste of your time and precious energy.

Okay next….

What about sending our massage brochure to those people who live in rich suburbs? We could mail our massage therapy brochure to people who live in high income areas.

Yeah maybe, and maybe not. High income areas are easy to identify because you can drive through them and look at the houses. If you go through a mailing list company, they will have compiled statistics on every zip code in the United States and they can tell you the average income per person in each zip code. They can also, by the way, tell you all sorts of stats on the people that live there such as the “average” education level, “average” age, how much is spent per household on a stack of nonmassage related stuff.

However, this is not even getting close. For one thing, not everybody who lives in a highincome area is interested in having massage. Just because someone’s got a boat, a big house and a Mercedes benz sitting in the drive way doesn’t mean they will fork out sixty or seventy dollars for a massage. Some of these people may have money but are not interested in anything to do with health, anything holistic or anything that resembles relaxation. They may think that what’s good for them is a good bottle of red or a bottle of daily multivitamins. Or they may come close to doing something for their bodies but it might be getting a “bodyrub” in a beauty salon. Some of them may take up offers from beauty salons, such as discounts off beauty treatments or gift certificates, because it’s free. Some of them may have money and like to buy things that come from their letter box but they are inclined to spend it on products rather than services.

Moving on.

If we are going to use a mailing list company then we could mail our massage marketing brochure to a group of people of who we are moderately sure that all of them know about the benefits of massage therapy and who can afford to have massage therapy. People who have good incomes and who are in more related industries, such as “health” type industries. Like Health Food franchisees. Physical Therapists. Professional Dancers. Sports people. Gyms…And so on. You get the gist.

We are now getting into areas where we have a bit more of a chance. Whether they are interested in massage therapy or not, we can’t know for sure. If they are interested, they probably have the money to do something about it. There’s no doubt about it. This group of people is certainly more likely to respond to our massage brochure than the first two groups we were talking about. We can still do ten times better than this.

The next thing we can do is mail, by way of our hired mailing list, is send out our massage brochure to high income earners who are proven mail order buyers of health related products. You know like health tablets, gym equipment, sports braces, oils etc, etc. You see, the good news is that people who buy through mail order spend more money on purchasing through mail order than people who wouldn’t touch a mail order promotion with a ten foot barge pole. It’s true.

Knowing this, they must be willing and able to afford to have our massage therapy from a mailout of the massage brochure, we think.

We’re almost there. That’s a pretty good breakdown and researching process don’t you think? It’s better than the phone book! My god yes!

This last group of people are far better than our previous attempts.

So what’s next? Well we could take our massage brochure and mail it to a list of people who have bought some other therapeutic body work service mail that’s been advertised to them via mail.

Hey, that’s a great idea! These are high income earners who have purchased a body work/health service similar to massage, by mail. What could be better? This is just about as “targeted” of a list as we can get! Or is it? Actually, it is not. Let’s keep trying.

Another thing we can do is not only mail our massage brochure to a list of high income earners who have bought bodywork services before, but bought the services repeatedly.

Okay let’s look at this. These high income earners who love body work and pay for it repeatedly are a good group to target. But, we can go one better……

Honestly, we can…

We can then improve on this by mailing our massage brochure to a list of high income earners who have purchased by mailing list a service similar to ours several times and who’ve paid a ton of money for it. That way we know they will definitely have the money to pay for massage….right?

Yes right! These types of people we can probably do pretty well with. Depending on the words we use in our brochures, we might be able to get a fairly decent response. Maybe something like 5 people out of 100 brochures may give us a call. At least one would book in. As I said, depending on the words in your brochure…..

We can even improve on this by making sure this, or a group like this have bought a service similar to ours really recently, who’ve paid a lot of money and keep paying for that service. We don’t know when they will purchase the service similar to ours but we can usually surmise that if they have bought five times in 6 months and the last trip to the place that gives the services was within the month, then there’s a pretty good chance they’ll buy again.

But you know, just as I know you are getting excited, I have to say that a lot of mailing lists are pretty useless. They’re not updated as regularly. People move, people change, people die…

Don’t dwell on it. What is important is your investment. Well actually what matters is your return on investment. If you want mailing lists to work then form a good relationship with the company/person who is selling you the list.

But we can still do better than a mailing list. You know what it is? You’ll have to wait till next week for part two…

See you then.

Amy Roberts


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