What You Must Do Before Marketing Your Massage Business

I did a conference in New Zealand and the United Kingdom about marketing your massage business successfully. As a result of the conferences I held one on one private consultations.

And you know what I noticed the most? Therapists were coming to me asking:

“Should I do chair massage in a mall?”

“What newspaper should I advertise in?”

“Does a newsletter work?”

“Is my brochure ok? Do I need to change it?”

“What types of things should I be doing as far as Christmas goes?”

“Does a flyer drop work?”

Many Therapists, including me once, are focused on the “what” to do, without actually knowing why they are doing it. Which is why I get the question ; “Should I put an ad in the paper?” I ask “why?” They say “I dunno.” And I say, “well that’s my answer!”

You see my friend, in order to know ‘what’ works, you first have to consciously know how your clients think, what they want, where they are and why they want you specifically. By knowing how your clients think you will get a better idea of what they want, by getting a better idea of what they want, you’ll see why they come to you in the first place. Once you understand why they come to you in the first place, you’ll then know ‘what’ to do.

If you get most of your clients through newspaper ads, then why would you question it? If you have never got any of your clients through the Yellow Pages, then why would you go down that avenue? (Yellow pages is a big expense. And if you don’t know if your clients come from there I wouldn’t spend too much, but hey that’s just me.)

What I am getting to is that you need to know how your clients think, and get to know their needs first. Otherwise successful marketing will be hard to do. The only way to do successful marketing is be specific. The way to know how to be specific is to know what your clients are thinking. Once you know what they are thinking, you can then do marketing accordingly.

I never said it was easy! But it’s a process. Once you understand the process you can then proceed with a greater chance of success. And if success to you means more clients, and keeping those clients, then understanding your clienteles mindset is the first thing you must do. The key is listening to what your clients are telling you.

I wish you all the best,

Amy Roberts


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