Could Your Massage Therapy Client Numbers Be A Little Higher?

Normally you may feel that your massage therapy business is doing well and has a good number of clients. Even so there are frequent times in our massage therapy business life when client numbers could be better and we get that familiar sense that our wonderfully fulfilling massage therapy business could work a lot better.


You’ve heard me talking about how your thinking can change your massage therapy experience, and business. But how is this done? How can you turn around a massage therapy business from ok to doing well?


For most massage therapists it simply isn’t that easy. The fact of the matter is that we all have times when clients don’t come as we’d like them to and there is room for improvement. When examine our massage therapy businesses, we can really see that our client numbers are not as high and even getting our most regular clients to refer friends can feel like a battle. In this case, what is needed is some techniques to combat this and cut of falling client numbers. And all massage therapy businesses need this; not just the starting up ones.

In this case what we need to do to bring client numbers up for our massage therapy business is to examine where the clients you do have, have come from. Go over your client records again and do a quick search on what sources you have got them from.


Look at your records and you will find that perhaps out of 100 people that 10 have come from the dance club up the road, 15 have come from the office block in the city, and that the rest have come from signs and advertising. What you are trying to do is establish a pattern and find where the flow is coming from.


What will happen then is that you realise that not all client numbers have to drop in your massage business just because of unforeseen circumstances, sometimes the reason client numbers drop is because you have not followed up on marketing for a while, not contacted people in the community who have referred you business or created new, positive contacts who could be possible candidates for giving you business.


In any massage therapy business, writing down a basic graph or report for yourself will help you keep on top of any potential falling client numbers and hopefully put a stop to it before it happens.

Amy Roberts


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