Notes for a Successful Massage Therapy Practice

Notes for a Successful Massage Therapy Practice from Amy Roberts Seminar;

What your massage clients want:

    1. Treat me as a valued client
    2. Provide me with a great massage
    3. Give me timely and excellent service

Client’s ARE NOT saying that “cheap” or “discounted” massage therapy treatments are the most important thing – those types of responses are way down on the list.

What does this mean for you?

It means every single one of us has the power to give our clients the two most important things they want – we can choose to do this immediately as no resources/ tools are required

In line with this, you can become the most successful Massage Therapist in your area.

If you have given your clients a satisfaction survey questions, what did you rank as far as customer service?

It means that if you rate low it’s because of how you behaved toward our clients.

The flip side is that, if we choose to, we can immediately correct this and rate high, just by changing our behaviour.


B. Best practice is everything. If you want to be the best, don’t read about the best, copy the best by watching what they do and tailoring it to your own personality.

C. Passion is essential. You’ll enjoy your life as a massahe Therapist a lot more if while you’re here you’re being the very best that you can be. Focus on your priorities:

A – Attitude
B – Behaviours
C – Consistency

D. Always tell them about the benefits of regular massage therapy. Never sell a client anything, NOT ONE PENNY’S WORTH, that they don’t need. Encouraging your clients is NOT dollar- pushing, you are striving to meet your clients needs, and ALWAYS should be.

It’s fine to have techniques for both related and unrelated regularly encouraging regular massage therapy treatments, but:

Techniques only work if you have the attitude behind it so remember:

Each day is a new day and each call is a new call.

When you are doing encouraging a client to have regular treatments (i.e come back and see you) , to make sure the client understands that you are responding to their needs, use this (or a similar) phrase:

“because you told me that you ….. I recommend …..”

Only ever do an unrelated encouragement conversation where you think it adds value, as it’s not about your ability to see as many clients as you can physically squeeze in a day, it’s about meeting your clients needs right then and there on the spot. Remember – with encouraging them to have more regaular massage treatments delivery is everything!! So make sure you display empathy.

How do you behaviouralize empathy? By thinking through and acting on the question

“Where is the clients head at this very moment?”

What are they thinking, feeling and deciding on right now?

From Amy Roberts Seminar.


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