The secret to attracting and keeping good clients

There’s a crucial factor in the success of your massage practice that I want to share with you. Now I know you already know about this, but what about applying it to business?

It’s “ENERGY.”

It’s a pretty unspoken topic as far as business goes, but I want to talk about it so you understand that the two are totally linked. You see business and energy go hand in hand; they are in fact joined completely.

To simply put it, loving energy helps you create the massage practice that you really want. I’ve met many Therapists who really rely on technique alone to bring them clients.

It’s not enough.

You’ve got to have the right energy about you as well as have great skills as a Therapist. It’s not only your abilities as a Therapist that get people in the door, it’s your energy that you create that helps being them back.

I met a Therapist once who got really angry with me when I said it was possible to make more than $50,000 in a massage business. He was very defensive and asked me how I knew this. I told him I had done it. He said he had been working for “20 years in this business” and he had “never made it over $25,000 per year.” I was just sad for him, because I knew why just by speaking with him.

Not long after that call, my friend went to see this guy for a massage and she said he was awful! I asked her why.

“Was it his technique?” I asked.

“No,” she said carefully.

“Was it too expensive?”

“No, on the contrary,” she answered.

“Well what was it then?”

“I didn’t like his vibe.” She returned.

What bothered her was his energy. He said and did all the correct things a Massage Therapist should do, but the room didn’t feel right, the call on the phone didn’t feel right; in fact the whole experience was not right she told me.

You see creating an energy that has a divine, calming and tranquil sense is incredibly important. Clients will come back to you because of your energy, coupled with your business sense and your ability to follow up with clients every time.

Your good energy MUST come through in your photos, ads, flyers, business cards, phone conversations, manner in the clinic, body language and finally your attitude toward yourself.

Always be mindful of your tone, your expression and your subtle communication with your clients. It’s crucial to your success.

So be positive, your business depends on it.

Your friend,

Amy Roberts

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