The secret to having more energy during the day, to give better massages for your clients- sleeping.

Recently I was doing some research on how to increase your energy so that your performance as a massage therapist is top notch.  The reason I have been doing this is because as therapists we need every bit of energy that we can get. And I’ve been doing some really great research on how we can get more energy during the day.

And I discovered something really interesting.  I didn’t actually know this before and I’m quite fascinated in how the system works.  The system I speak of is actually your body sleep clock.  And I realize just how important consciously planning sleep is.  Let me explain.

Apparently there was some research done are for very long time frame, (I think it was 20 years), about why people lived longer and had more energy during the day.  And the key  was the sleep they got.  This fascinated me so I read on.  You see this research was thought that the more sleep you had then the better off you were and the longer you lived.  But this isn’t actually true!

After reading on, I understood that if you really consciously work with your body clock then you could have a lot more zing during the day!  How fantastic!  Imagine no more coffee to keep you going when you work hard and you have massages to do.  There is nothing worse than feeling tired and you have massages to do.  Even though you still might be able to do it, the client does not get your full physical capability.

Having more energy during the day is actually programming your body to sleep better.  It’s not about sleeping longer, contrary to popular belief; it is actually about the quality of sleep that we get in at night time. In the old days we used to think that getting 8 hours or more of sleep at night, was actually the right way to go about it, in actual fact that is the last thing you need to feel great during the day.  It is deep sleep that our body needs the most.

One thing you do need and this is very important, is have enough deep sleep.  Deep sleep is the key to your energy during the day. Having adequate deep sleep will recharge you can allow you to do more massaging.  It’s not the length of sleep that gives us the energy during the day, it’s the periods of deep sleep that you have.

There is an amazing program that are recommend you check out him when I discovered this system of prop a sleep and sleep cycles always able to increase my energy and use the system to my advantage to gain more energy to do certain things during the day.

If you w
ant to know how to have more energy in your massage therapy business, then you really need to put effort in to your own health and body. It’s your body that will keep you being able to perform great massages, so make sure it’s given the right recharge time at night.

So make sure that when you are building your massage practice, that you’re getting just the right amount of sleep for you body.  It is very important that you look after your body when during massages because remember out your business depends on your body’s energy and efficiency.

Keep your health well and you will be able to massage for years!

Good luck.

Amy Roberts

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