Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists

You know, since I wrote “Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business”

I’ve been asked so many questions about the next step: Marketing.

 This has really made me think.


I’ve had over 100 emails in just a couple of months asking about

Marketing. And people even emailing me with brochures and

business cards to tell them if they have done a good job or not.

It’s been quite a defining experience.


So, that’s exactly what I’ve done!


My next Marketing eBook is now here! It’s called

Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists.” And, I’ve included some

of the ads I used, in there for you to see. Yes, the very ads.


In “Marketing Secrets For Massage Therapists”, I show you what ads

get clients, why they get clients, the secrets of what will work,

how to do brochures, show you my ads that got me the clients,

my business cards, and all the other specific marketing tools

that brought me the droves of clients.


Since you’ve been an excellent client of mine, I want to give you

something special.


“Marketing For Massage Therapists” will be advertised at $59.95,

but because you are a VIP you can reserve your order now and

get it for $49.95.


Simply email me and let me know that you would like to take

advantage of this Special VIP offer. Just type “Reserve Marketing

eBook” and I’ll send you an email with the link to download it at the

VIP price.


I know you’d like to know what’s in it, so to satisfy your curiosity,

here is the table of contents:





Ch 1 Why We Need Marketing

Ch 2 Secrets to Successful Newspaper Advertising

Ch 3 Editorials

Ch 4 Flyers and Leaflets

Ch 5 Web Sites

Ch 6 Business Cards

Ch 7 Professional Referrals

Ch 8 Working with the Medical Profession

Ch 9 Word of Mouth Advertising

Ch 10 Networking

Ch 11 Shows & Exhibitions

Ch 12 Corporate Massage

Ch 13 Telephone Marketing

Ch 14 Questions answered about: Discounts and Fees

Ch 15 Questions answered about: Ads and Brochures

Ch 16 Questions answered about: General Client Issues

Ch 17 Questions answered about: Getting Started and

           Maintaining Regular Clients

Ch 18 The lifetime Value of a client

Ch 19 Resources and Recommendations



Remember I’m only making this unique offer for you. It’s only

available at this price for VIPs, like you.


Then, just wait for all the other stuff I’ve got coming….it’ll blow

your socks off!


And thanks so much for your support. Oh and by the way, you are

a fantastic client and thank you so much for making my dream possible.


I really mean that.


Best wishes,



Just go here for more informaiton: 



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