How You Can Start Marketing Your Massage Therapy Business

What you can do is start with identifying what types of people come to you. This is the key. Gather all the information about them as a group and work out what their needs are. Then you collate THAT information and write some marketing based on a direct understanding of what the benefits they get from it are. It’s all a bit of science really. J  It’s all to do with stats and figures and stuff us massage therapists are not trained at!

Then take that marketing message to the avenues that you know these people are and market that message to them. Also contact a lot of other people who have your type of client and let them know how much you can help their clients with their problems. And don’t forget this golden rule, actually two golden rules:

  1. Never advertise your qualifications as a marketing hook.
  2. Never discount your massage just to get business.

Promise me you will never do these two things ok? You can tell people your qualifications, but not up front. That comes at the end of your marketing. And don’t say “okay I’ll take $20 for you.” People start to think you can be compromised and that’s not what massage is about. You can give a bulk discount, but it’s not the same as taking payment off the top of your scheduled fee. People will start to take advantage of you if you get into this habit. Don’t do it, even if you’re tempted. It comes across as being cheap. And if you promote quality you will create a good impression, a good impression leads to better clients and more clients.

What we need to do as massage therapists is market ourselves as people who understand peoples pain and discomfort and are sympathetic, along with an awareness of the benefits we are giving. Clients don’t buy a massage from us, they buy a feeling and an experience. This understanding is crucial to furthering your progress Lisa.

Forget other marketing consultants, they really have no idea. I did the whole “motivational circuit” thing. And found no one could help me because I was a different kind of business. Many of the stuff they advised me fell flat when I applied it in my massage business. Getting more clients in a massage business is NOT the same as getting more customers in a retail shop or computer store or anything. There are similar principles but the applications are not the same, simply because our clientel is different. People look for authority and quality when dealing with massage therapists which is why we have to market ourselves differently to a standard business. Whereas a shoe shop customer may look for something different from that business. A shoe shop customer doesn’t give two hoots about the person serving them, they just want the shoes. A client of a massage therapist places the therapists personality at the number 1 forefront of their decision making process when paying for service from us.

It’s all about understanding your client. The more you understand your clients the better your marketing will be. The better your marketing is, the more clients you will have. Not just any clients but clients who stay with you for years.

By Amy Roberts

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