How To Boost Client Numbers In Your Massage Therapy Business After A Holiday Season

Have you ever wanted to know how to boost your massage therapy client numbers just after a holiday period?

It was something that first struck me, early on in my massage therapy practice, as something I needed to watch. Because I was busy most of the time doing my massage therapy treatments quite reguarly but when holiday periods came about sometimes my massage therapy client numbers would drop off, and it would take me weeks to get them back again.

 So, why is this?

 Well, in my massage therapy experience, people go away at holiday time and are not usually thinking about their routine. This seems obvious really when you look at it like this. But let’s have a closer look.

They are, more often than not, thinking about how to get away from work and relax for a few days. That often means getting out of their immediate environment. And that also means getting away from having massage therapy with you.

I don’t mean that in a negative way I just mean that because massage therapy becomes part of their weekly/monthly routine, when holiday season comes, the first thing that they do is drop their routine.

Not all the time, but it does happen.

Some clients will come during the few days of a holiday week then perhaps not come back for a little while. Holiday periods can disrupt people’s normal living patterns. And if you have regular clients, your massage therapy is a part of their regular pattern.

 Sometimes the holiday period will put a painful sting in your pocket.

 So how do we combat this?

 There are two ways you can deal with it. One, you can use the opportunity to go away on holiday yourself if you know it will probably be a quiet week. Or, two, you can create a reason for people to come back after the holiday period, and get back into that routine again.

 I did a combination of both. Yes, I did have quiet times too! I used it as an opportunity to get away to the beach or the country and relax myself for a few days when I was really busy during the year.

 Anyway, we’re not talking about me…..

 My suggestion firstly is not to panic. People will return to you. But it doesn’t hurt to give them a little nudge.You could send out a card for whatever holiday period you are in (for example Easter or Christmas) to remind them about you. Or just after each holiday period, you could give them a call and let them know that you are offering a free foot massage with every treatment (15 extra mins free for example).

 You can put a time limit on it. They must come during that week only. (No, booking in this week for next weeks massage doesn’t entitle them to the special deal.) The appointment must be had that week. Or you can give it a two week period. The choice is yours.

 You can even take the opportunity to meet those people you’d love to do referral deals with but are too scared to talk to. (For example the Podiatrist down the road) Now’s your opportune time. Go meet them, have a chat on the phone. Make it casual and relax. 

 I often met people in their own premises so they’d feel more comfortable with me. They’d get a chance to meet me in THEIR environment. And, if you want to do any newspaper advertising check out the spots that are going for cheap. Usually at the last minute when someone pulls out you can get that position in the paper for cheaper. But every city is different. If you are going to spend money like this, make sure you fully know how your newspaper operates.

The key point is not to let the quiet times get you down. Use it. Keep asking yourself “how can I encourage clients to come during this slow period?” I’m not saying give away free massages, but I’m not saying do the same thing as you would normally do for other times in the year. If the client numbers change it’s usually an indication that you may need to change your approach.

 Or you could even give every one a little holiday period gift with a “thank you for your business” card. I find this goes down quite well. People love to be remembered personally and also love to be treated like they are special. In fact this particular strategy I did use and it worked really, really well.

Good luck my friend!

 All the best,

Amy Roberts

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