A Way To Get New Clients Back


You’ve heard me speak about “energy” and a “positive attitude”. Now I will share something else with you that will be very valuable to you.  It’s a little secret that helped keep clients coming back for me. This helped me turn new clients into regular clients.

After each massage I used to ask them if they wanted to book in again. Most of them said yes.

This “asking-for-another-session” method of client retention was spoken at the right time. As you know now one of the key elements to getting new clients is catching them when the time is right for them. There are quite a few ways to know when to do that as asking them if they want to rebook for another session is another method.

The reason why this works is because of the following:

You are fresh in their mind as to what great feelings they are experiencing. Asking them right then and there if they want to experience this again is the opportune time to gain their business back again. As soon as they have gotten off the table, got dressed you can simply ask;

“How do you feel?”

Most people will say; “good.”

And you can say; “would you like to book another treatment?”

Or they might say; “when do you think I should have another one?”

Be honest. If they have hectic lives and are stretched for time for example, acknowledge that and respond accordingly. “Well you have some tightness in your shoulder area that does need work. If you came back next week (whatever time you feel they should) you will be really starting to get rid of that pain and your tension headaches should be a lot better. I recommend having 8 weekly treatments for a while, I’ll get you to a stage where you have significant reduction in your tension headaches and then you can tell me when you want to come. We can then maintain the relaxed state of your shoulders and neck by coming once a month. How does that sound?”

By responding like this, you will be demonstrating that you do want to get them better. And being a Massage Therapist you should indeed be as genuine as you say. It’s not good to respond with “Oh you should come whenever you can afford it.”

That’s really negative. Not only does that negate your positive energy as a business person, but it brings the focus back onto money, which massage is not. Massage is about healing. THEY will work out if they can afford it or not, that’s not your job. Your job is to get them to come back to help them heal and increase good business for you.

I did this so many times and so many times people said yes.

Now not all your clients will come back. And that’s ok. Let them go. But you will find if you open your heart and mind to asking for what you want, it will be provided for you. And it all starts with a simple question; “Do you want to make another booking?”

Good luck as always.

Amy Roberts



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