The Ebb and Flow Of A Massage Therapy Business

Have you ever notice that sometimes, no matter what you do, your Massage Therapy Business can be quite? And even when you put as much advertising, flyers, proposals, demos, shows etc, for your massage therapy business that clients take a while to come to you. You find yourself questioning “Is this natural? What am I doing wrong?”

I can tell you that when you have your massage therapy marketing right, you are targeting your potential clients effectively, keeping up a good positive attitude and doing everything else you possibly can to attract massage therapy clients, and it doesn’t happen straight away, you aren’t doing anything wrong!

That’s right! It’s the natural ebb and flow of your massage therapy business.

Sometimes we are busy, sometimes we are quite- that’s just how the world works. Your massage therapy business will always be like a pendulum. One month, or for several months you can be so busy, you don’t even have time to do anything. And then sometimes, for what seems like no apparent reason, things go quite. If everything else is right, sometimes it can be other factors like school term vacation, the seasons, holidays etc. Sometimes people don’t come to us for the strangest reasons.

So what can we do when this happens?

Keep going. I know it can be hard sometimes when you’re doing everything right and still nothing. But don’t give up.

You’ll find if this is happening, you will return to being busy again if you are marketing your massage therapy business as much as you can and keeping positive. Being positive is so important because it gets you through the difficult times, and as soon as you know it you will be busy again. A massage business can be unpredictable- that’s what people find scary, but really it’s just the normal ebb and flow of business.

This ebb and flow…well, you’ll have to get used to it if you are in this for the long term, which I know you are. I know you want to make a really good go of this, so keep positive, do the other things I have told you about in my eBooks, and your massage business will pick up again.

It’s possible to be busy all the time, but even established clinic’s have their quite times too. Maybe not as much but they do have them. So don’t think that just because you’ve only been doing this for a short while, that it only applies to you. It applies to me, to our associations, to ten-therapists clinics and to our suppliers.

Just remind yourself that it will pass soon and keep going with that marketing. You’ll get there!

Good luck!

Amy Roberts



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