“How To Avoid The Client Drop Off Over The Holiday Season” Part 3

Last week we talked about Consistency in your Marketing to prepare for the holiday season. I hope you applied some of the methods.

This week I want to talk about one other important thing to help avoid the client drop off at this time of year. I’ve spoken about it before but I really think I need to bring it up again.

A big secret to avoiding client numbers dropping off is pre-emption. In pre-emption your seasonal fluctuations you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. And with before you can apply pre-emption you will need to understand how your clients think.

Not only does pre-emption prepare you for seasonal fluctuations but it tells you when you should advertise, when you should send out material to your clients, when you should follow up and what to follow up with.

Clients are busy at this time of year. Well, most of them seem to be getting things done before they go away for the much needed break in January. But what you can do through pre-emption is become familiar with their spending patterns and learn what makes them tick.

This is a very underestimated thing to do in your massage business and it should be done.

It’s a very basic strategy but has excellent outcomes. So right now, start pre-empting January. Start putting together some ideas on what you can do to contact all your clients before the January holiday time comes. Right now start getting together some letters or emails telling clients about gift vouchers, or, gift certificates as you guys in the US call them. The important thing here is to remind them about you.

The only way you can successfully work this is via pre-emption. So get cracking, start putting those letters or emails together and remind people about you.

Next week “Avoiding the Client Drop-Off Over The Holiday Season” Part Four.

Till next week!

Amy Roberts




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