“Avoiding the Client Drop-Off Over The Holiday Season” Part 1

By Amy Roberts

Is the reality of “having a successful massage career” true? This is a common question I receive from a lot of massage therapists just like you. Right now, more than ever, the world is changing. We are seeing a massive shift from the traditional western medicine to a more natural, alternative way of developing great health. Massage therapy is a huge part of that and I doubt if things will probably ever be the same again.

Over the next few years I believe there will be an explosion in people en-masse turning to massage therapists for help like never before in history. I call it the “mass movement towards wellness.” Thousands of massage therapists (like you) will start and make a living from their own massage business. Thousands of massage therapists will no longer need to rely on getting up early 5 days a week, fighting rush-hour traffic, and putting up with a job they HATE. (Hey haven’t we all been there? J)

The next shift in global consciousness will be towards living a completely healthy life.

What does this mean for you as a Massage Therapist? It means that if you have ever wanted to make your Massage therapy business work well, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW. And there is no better way to earn an income from massage than through your own practice.

A big part of knowing how to make that happen is to know your clients. Knowing them also means knowing when they choose to have massage with you and when they don’t.

And for a lot of massage businesses the holiday season can really impact your numbers.

This has happened to me and I am going to help you prepare for the holiday season with some really successful methods I used to boost client numbers just before the “dip.”

You know the “dip”. It’s when clients seem to say they can’t come for massage because it’s “December” and they have too much to do. Or perhaps it’s because it’s “Christmas time” and they have other things to do at this time.

Now is the time to pre-empt this “dip.” You can’t always avoid it completely but there are things you can do to make that “dip” less dramatic.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to this “dip” I’m going to be there with you, every step of the way giving you some great information you can use to pre-empt this.

So here is “Avoiding the Client Drop-Off Over The Holiday Season” Part One. This week until the week before Christmas you’ll get this series of emails to help you through this time.

I’m telling you now, because this IS the time you should be thinking about it.

So here is tip number 1. “Know your clients”:

One essential key ingredient to getting more clients is to know them. And that means knowing when they want massage, when they don’t, why they want it and what makes them want it. And the only way to fully get an idea of this is to work out their ‘buying habits’; so get into their heads. Once you do this you have a great advantage in your massage therapy business because you will be understanding how your clients think and most importantly, what they want from you and when they are prepared to ask for it.

Amy Roberts
Good luck!

Amy Roberts

LMT, Speaker on Massage Therapy Marketing Education



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